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Providing adequately trained Nightclub Medics inside your licensed venue. Contact us today.

What the NHS say, supported by the Home Office. 

" In some cases, particularly large or all-night events, it may be necessary to buy in additional emergency medical cover. ... Even highly experienced and skilled NHS trained nurses and paramedics should not be expected to work in this setting without the supervision of a colleague with experience of working with drug-induced problems ".

- Safer Nightlife. London: Home Office, London Drug Policy Forum, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Crown Medical nightclub medics bridge the gap between first aiders and hospital care with specialty training and awareness in alcohol induced intoxication, recreational drug use and Minor Injuries.


With the rise in use of recreational drugs on the nightclub scene, it is paramount that you have specifically trained nightclub medics on hand.


This is a vital requirement that event organisers cannot take lightly. Our nightclub medics are specifically trained to handle situations involving intoxications and overdose. Providing the best possible care when needed the most!

The provision of Crown Medical services can provide various benefits to your venue such as full assessments and monitoring of patients, treatment from an array of injuries and illness’ and a decline in the need of emergency ambulances and NHS in-hospital care.


Crown Medical nightclub medics are the perfect alternative to first aiders, who can hold no training, awareness or theoretical knowledge to safely assess, monitor and treat those customers intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs in the nightclub scene.

Crown Medical staff are aware of the vast range of different types of recreational drugs and regularly kept up-to-date through working and training alongside drugs agencies.

To get a quote in supplying our specifically trained medical personnel in your venue, contact us today.